Forthcoming Training Courses

wdt_ID Key Course Type
1 ECU101 Teaching Chess in Primary Schools
2 ECU102 Teaching Mathematics through Chess
3 ECU103 Teaching Chess for Early Years
4 ECU104 School Chess Co-ordinator

School Chess to Expand in Russia

Komsomoltskaya Pravda has recently reported on the introduction of chess as a subject in all Russian primary schools. Children from Grade 1 through 4 will have a weekly chess lesson. We have tried to verify what is actually the case.  Russia’s Minister of Education and Science, Olga Vassilyeva, had previously announced …

Presenting Chess in Schools in Norway

in your language… Deutsch Español Italiano Français Nederlands Svenska First Rank is a fortnightly term-time newsletter for everyone interested in chess for education. In this issue, we present the Chess in schools movement in Norway. The movement is rather young, but due to “the Magnus Carlsen effect” the movement is …