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ECU101 – The SMART Method to Teach Chess is the flagship course to introduce didactical concepts into the chess teaching process. The course combines practices across Europe and brings a fresh focus to the teaching experience. Participants really enjoy the group interactions with others from different backgrounds, schools and countries. Many chess teachers are acting alone and welcome meeting others with similar roles. Group interactions take place in discussion groups and during playing exercises. They welcome sharing classroom experiences, comparing approaches and obtaining tips.

Valuable advice and many interesting techniques and tips for teaching. Many thanks to the whole teaching team for a very useful & interesting weekend. Also enjoyed learning from the comments from other participants.

Michael Bennett (UK)
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Not only delivered what i needed but also inspired me to continue the development.

Keler Sufja (Albania)

Even areas in which I believed I was already competent content was presented to enhance and develop my methods, and I was introduced to a lot of new ideas too. Very enjoyable course.

George Miller (UK)


  • Minigames
  • Differentiation
  • Tournament formats
  • The-SMART-Method

Course Instructors

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  • Corse-Instructor-Philippe-Vukojevic
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Chess in Schools in Europe

Click here to see the upcoming ECU101 Training Courses