ECU101 – The SMART Method to Teach Chess Training Course was designed by the leading chess educationists in Europe and is validated by the ECU Advisory Board which is an international academic panel with experts in disciplines from cognitive science and psychology to statistics and pedagogy.

It’s the flagship course to introduce didactical concepts into the chess teaching process. The course, which combines best practices across Europe, brings a fresh focus to the teaching experience.

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Course Instructors


Jesper Hall, International Master, FIDE Senior Trainer, Chairman of ECU Education Commission

“For twenty years I have been obsessed with finding the best ways to teach chess on all levels. The reason is that chess can make a difference! Chess is one of the best ways to train working memory, but chess also crosses all kinds of borders like age, sex, handicaps, and language. That is why I believe so much in Chess in Schools where chess is only a tool to obtain skills that can be used in life. My goal is to find the best pedagogical method so the game can develop kids from an intellectual and social point of view.”

Boris Bruhn, 1st Chairman of the Chess in Schools Foundation, Vice-President of the German Chess Federation

“I have been a chess coach for 30 years, having started teaching in a primary school. Chess in school is close to my heart and I started to train chess tutors and teachers in 2011. I believe that these innovative didactical methods give a boost both for the teacher and the children learning chess. I am constantly exploring new ideas to improve children’s thinking skills. I am nowadays a mathematics teacher in a comprehensive school in Hamburg.”

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