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Chess in Education

ChessPlus is an international company which provides training courses to the global educational sector. These courses are for professional development for chess tutors, school teachers and parents through in-person trainings and live webinars. We operate as a co-operative network in several countries, constantly exchanging ideas to improve our services. We work closely with the European Chess Union which exclusively certifies several of our courses. ChessPlus organises training courses for clients including national chess federations and chess in schools organisations. ChessPlus runs the annual London Chess Conference since 2013.

We provide the course participants with the knowledge and skills, tools and materials, to introduce these Chess in Education games in a variety of interesting and exciting ways and thus promote mathematical, logical and creative skills. Children who play strategy games benefit from improved concentration levels and a more confident approach to problem-solving.

Jesper Bergmark Hall

Rita Atkins
ECU1012, Chess & Logic
English, Hungarian

Alexander Kostyev
John Foley
ECU101, ECU102

Boris Bruhn
ECU101, ECU102
Philippe Vukojevic
Dutch, French
Pep Suárez
ECU101, ECU102, ECU104

Alessandro Dominici
ECU101, ECU103
Italian, English
Jerry Nash
Critical Thinking through Chess