Certificated Teacher Training Courses by the European Chess Union and ChessPlus

The ECU Certificate is available to those who complete the course and pass an online test taken at the end of the course. The Certificate is endorsed by the Academic Advisory Panel of the Education Commission of the ECU and is recognised by chess federations across Europe.

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The course is innovative in terms of content and delivery. It uses the SMART method developed by the professional ChessPlus team based upon years of practical experience supplemented by action research. The course is suitable for teachers and tutors who want to make chess an exciting and educational experience for children. It compromises two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. More information 

The basis of the teaching method is that problem-solving is more natural and accessible in a game environment. Children love to play and are motivated to search for a winning strategy. The course presents a number of exercises that have been tested in the classroom and refined accordingly. The emphasis is on innovative ways to teach problem-solving methods. The course derives from the Erasmus+ CHAMPS Project. More information

An effective approach for developing children’s cognitive and movement skills through chess on a giant board. The course is based on the concept of “Psychomotricity” from the Alfiere Bianco company (Italy) and refined during the award-winning Erasmus+ CASTLE Project. Children become central figures in gameplay, progressively developing their sensory-motor skills by requiring the use of active intelligence. More information

This course is a step further up the training ladder to provide chess instructors with the necessary tools to be able to co-ordinate chess teaching activities within a local area or region. Currently, the course is only available in the Spanish language. Register

For further information or to book a training course, please contact training@chessplus.net