You may have noticed that we have revamped our website. This is in response to the Covid pandemic and the shift to online chess activities. We have clarified our unique proposition which is to promote child-centred education to promote cognitive and social development through the use of strategy games in a rich supervised learning environment.

We have focussed on three main areas:

  • Chess in Schools  includes all activities related to schools and education. This includes certified training for school teachers and chess tutors across a range of different topics. Our growing list of course titles is described. Forthcoming courses are listed. We display the names of people who have graduated from our training courses. 
  • Chess Training refers to any activities where leading chess trainers give seminars or courses aimed at improving chess playing skills. The training is is customised at different levels from amateur to master. We also offer training in specific categories from Club Players to members of national squads. We offer online summer chess camps for children in different categories: under 12, over 12, talented juniors and girls.
  • Learning is our biggest growth area and refers to online courses which can be taken at any time at the convenience of the learner. These range from short courses such as “The Top Five Tricks” for beginners to our main ECU-certified courses which can be studied using a combination of videos, exercises and summary documents. Our philosophy is to break the complicated down into its simpler parts and hence we start playing with minigames of which the interactive versions are playable directly from the website. 

The world is going through some unprecedented changes in the use of technology for distance learning.  Fortunately, we have a strong team of enthusiastic game players and educationists who are committed to ensuring that strategy games remain at the heart of the educational experience in the digital age.