ChessTech is a dynamic initiative focusing on chess and technology. It comprises the ChessTech Newsletter and an associated website

The people behind the project are Stefan Löffler, Conrad Schormann, John Foley and Gustaf Mossakowski. Stefan and Conrad are professional journalists. Gustaf provides the digital infrastructure to the project. John is actively involved in chess education and outreach. 

ChessPlus is incubating the project because of our focus on the digital future of chess. The theme of the next London Chess Conference, 5-6 December 2020, is Chess and Technology. The journalistic research being done by ChessTech is vital by identifying the important new themes.

In addition to conducting interviews and writing insightful reports, the team at ChessTech provide an opportunity for members of the chess community and the general public to engage with the key movers and shakers in the digital chess world. We will be setting up online meetings bringing together people to discuss urgent topics.

The first three of these Public Debate webinars dealt with