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Chess is an effective way to develop children’s thinking skills. The ECU School Chess Teacher Training Course focuses on the skills and knowledge teachers need in order to achieve the best educational outcomes.

The ECU School Chess Teacher training course comprises two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. The focus of the course is on the teaching aspects of chess. The course is suitable for teachers and tutors who want to make chess an exciting and educational experience for children.

The course is suitable for school teachers, teaching assistants and chess tutors. Participants who pass the test at the end of the course receive a Certificate accredited and registered by the European Chess Union. The Certificate recognises that the teacher has an adequate level of chess knowledge and familiarity with the didactical methods. The Certificate is accredited by the European Chess Union (ECU).

The course is innovative in content and delivery. The course has been designed by leading education and games experts in Europe. Attendees learn how to apply the Smart Method® for teaching games in the classroom. The course demonstrates play-based didactical methods. The Curriculum has been endorsed by the Academic Advisory panel of the ECU Education Commission.

The course helps you to build up your teaching skills in chess so as to improve the general educational attainment of children. You can showcase this qualification on your CV and LinkedIn profile. The course qualifies towards Continuing Professional Development and is recognised across Europe by virtue of being accredited by the European Chess Union.

Course Trainers have been selected on the basis of their outstanding professional approach to teaching chess in schools. Courses are being scheduled across Europe.

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