Games Didactics: Seminar – Cambridge

This special event brings together international experts at teaching the traditional strategy games. The purpose of the event is to investigate and share experiences, identify common educational themes, describe instructional methods and explore best practice for teaching strategy games including chess, go, draughts, bridge and backgammon. These games are associated with higher “thinking skills” but there has been little systematic analysis of how these games can produce the desired effects. By examining the crossovers between the games we seek to discover which factors they have in common and in which they differ.

The event gives an opportunity for each attendee to understand the current methods and trends in teaching strategy games. All seminar participants actively promote the use of these games in education; they include teachers, trainers and educationists from the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA and South Korea.

Places are limited so it is necessary to apply for inclusion. Priority will be given to those who are willing to contribute a talk or demonstration.

We are grateful to our sponsor Google DeepMind which made this event possible. The event has been supported by the British Go Association (especially Andrew Russell and Toby Manning), the European Go Federation, the European Go Cultural Centre, the American Go Foundation and  the UK Backgammon Federation.

Photo: Tim Berger