Queen v Knight

This mini-game contrasts the geometry of the queen with that of the knight. The queen is powerful but the knight dances around her like a jester in the royal court. The pieces move as in chess. The knight moves first. Whoever captures the opposing piece is the winner.

Learners need to figure out a systematic way for the queen to win. Occasionally the knight wins due to an oversight by the queen. For learners, it is visually effective to show the moves of the knight using coloured counters. One system is to move the queen so that it forces the knight to move closer to the edge.
Marking the squares to which the knight can move

In the diagram above, the queen moves to d3 which forces the knight away from the central squares. Assume that the knight tries to stay as close to the centre as possible.
Closing off the knight’s options

The queen closes in and restricts the knight to one square.

The knight is dominated