Progressive Chess

This chess variant (also sometimes called “Chess 1-2-3”) starts with White making one move, then Black makes two consecutive moves, White replies with three, Black makes four and so on.  Each side gets progressively one extra move.  Check can only be given in the last move of the series. The pace is fast and hardly any games last more than seven moves. The main benefit of Progressive Chess is that it encourages the players to think ahead. They seek to find a co-ordinated combination of moves to deliver checkmate.  Expect each of these games to take only a few minutes.  Gradually players learn to defend better.

To give you an idea of the play, the first diagram shows a typical position after each player has taken one turn. Your task is to find three consecutive moves for White that lead to checkmate.  Click on the inner arrows for the answer move by move.

Position 1: White to play three moves and win

Position 2: Black to play four moves and win

There may be more than one way to get checkmate when you have several unopposed moves to play with.

Here are two more Progressive Chess Puzzles