Learning Chess

Learning Chess is our recommended online tutor for mastering fundamental chess skills. The resource is an excellent tool for anyone learning chess from scratch or even better for those already playing chess at some level.

It is one of the most popular chess educational tools worldwide with over one hundred thousand registered users. Learning Chess is well adopted to Classroom Chess: SMART board enabled with a unique Learning Management feature to help teachers track student progress. It is also a great for home learning: structured lessons inform and test the learner consistently and important concepts are revisited in many different ways. 

The curriculum is divided into three courses with over thirty interactive lessons in each course. The questions and examples are simple initially and then become more and more in-depth as the course progresses. Examples are very well thought out and displayed clearly and dynamically on the board. Grandmaster Lessons are surprisingly fun and informative, if not tricky at the very least.The Tactics Trainer contains thousands of examples at all levels.

We have tested Learning Chess in action! Read about how we got on here.