30 June 2021

FIDE/ECU Chess in Schools World Survey – Jesper Hall (Sweden)

How to teach with minigames – Andrew Varney (UK)

Critical Thinking – Jerry Nash (USA)

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26 May 2021

Chess in Prison – Pep Suárez (Spain)  

Do we need the same methodology to teach how to play as to teach how to play chess well? Is the methodology the same? – Pep Suárez (Spain)

Teaching Mathematics and language through chess – Jose Antonio Coleto Calderon (Spain)

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28 April 2021

Chesser Demo Board – Anton Bakels (Netherlands)  

Montessori, Chess art, Psychomotor games – Luis Cuerdo (Tanzania)

Chess Homework: Is this a good  or bad idea? Does it actually work? – Carl Portman (UK)

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31 March 2021

ECU101 Attendee Course Book – John Foley (UK)  

Changemakers – Sophia Rohde (USA)

School Chess in Africa: Zambia – Uwe Schneider, Tanzania – Luis Cuerdo 

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