ECU Seminar Durrës Albania 27-28 April 2018

An ECU seminar on Chess in Schools was held in Durrës, Albania 27-28 April 2018 to coincide with the World School Chess Championships being held there. The seminar was organised by Majlinda Pilinci under the auspices of the Albania Chess Federation. The two day event was led by the Chairman of the ECU Education Commission, Jesper Hall. A dozen attendees were given an overview of chess in Europe, discussed the situation of chess in Albania, and learned about some of the modern teaching techniques used in the ECU School Chess Teacher training course.


The theme of the seminar discussion (agenda pdf) was “The future is bright, how to reach the sun”. In Albania the Chess in Schools movement is growing. Various plans were discussed how to help chess take further steps forwards. Rozana Gjergji is taking the lead on the chess in schools project. As the seminar was held parallel to the schools tournament, several attendees came from other countries. Majlinda said afterwards: “The seminar organized by Mr. Jesper Hall was certainly one of the most valuable experiences for us, wherein we appreciate the new ideas and collaboration with ECU Chess In School Commission