ECU Chess Teacher Training Course – London

ChessPlus held a training course in London for people who teach chess in schools on the middle weekend of October 2017. This was the first time this new course on chess didactics was run in the UK. The course was developed by the Education Commission of the European Chess Union (ECU) which provides accreditation for the course. The course was attended by 19 people including teachers, headmasters, home schoolers, parents, chess tutors and students. [Course photos]

The Course Director was Jesper Hall, chairman of the ECU Education Committee. Jesper is a leading chess trainer in Europe and is responsible for developing junior chess in Sweden. He has given courses to thousands of pedagogues and is the author of several chess books. He was the coach to the young Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion. The other trainers on the course were John Foley who focused on teaching thinking skills and Rita Atkins who led exercises on chess and mathematics.

The feedback from the course was excellent. Everybody said that they enjoyed the course, that they understood the educational benefits of chess and that they were more confident to teach chess in schools. 92% of the attendees said that they would recommend the course to others.

This is only the second time that the course has been run. The first was in Madrid in July. There is considerable international demand with further courses planned for Hungary and Germany and other countries. In addition a course on Chess for Mathematics is planned for next year.

ECU training course attendees
Group photo of the first ECU School Chess Teacher Training Course in London

Back Row: Carl Portman, Aga Milewska, Zhivkov Stoyanov, Conrad Green

Middle Row: Jesper Hall, John Foley, Andy Couchman, Michael Pointon, Geert Van Mook, Faiyal Jaufarally, David Plummer, Mohammud Jaufarally, Mark Szavin, Nevil Chan, Bob Kane, Chris Fegan (CSC), Ed Jones

Sitting: Annette Boswijk, Olga Eleftheriadou, Ashok Damodaran, Rita Atkins, Sumi Williams, Namrata More.