Choose Your Army

Being able to select your army gives a sense of empowerment. In this set of mini-games, the players each have their original pawns plus they pre-select up to 10 points worth of piece values. The conventional piece values are as follows: queen = 9 points, rook = 5 points, bishop = 3 points, knight = 3 points. Hence they choose whether to have a queen, two rooks or three minor pieces (bishops or knights). These are placed on their conventional starting squares.

This is a capture game. The aim is to capture all the opponent’s pieces get a pawn safely to the other end.

Typical start positions

Queen v Two Rooks

Two Rooks v Three Minor Pieces

In principle, these armies are equal fighting forces. The asymmetry obliges different strategies on each side.


* Two rooks: The rooks lack mobility at the beginning so seek to open up some files to enable the rooks can get behind enemy lines. Against the queen, be careful that the rooks protect each other.

* Queen: The queen is highly mobile and can capture material through forks. Its weakness is that it cannot afford to capture a pawn or piece which is protected.

* Three minor pieces: The most important thing is to ensure that the pieces are always close enough to protect each other. Meanwhile, they can go on raiding trips into the enemy position.