Forthcoming Training Courses

Course ID Type Description
ECU101 Teaching Chess in Primary Schools Two day hands-on teacher training course on using chess in the classroom.
ECU102 Teaching Mathematics through Chess One day teacher training course on how to use chess for teaching mathematics.
ECU103 Teaching Chess for Early Years Two day teacher training course introducing chess for early years / kindergarten.
ECU104 School Chess Co-ordinator One day distance-learning training course for school chess co-ordinators.

School Chess to Expand in Russia

Komsomoltskaya Pravda has recently reported on the introduction of chess as a subject in all Russian primary schools. Children from Grade 1 through 4 will have a weekly chess lesson. We have tried to verify what is actually the case.  Russia’s Minister of Education and Science, Olga Vassilyeva, had previously announced …

ECU School Chess Teacher Training Certificate Course

Graduation photo

The ECU School Chess Teacher Training course provides a certificate recognising that the participants have met the required level of chess knowledge and understanding of didactical methods for teaching chess in schools. The course deploys chess as a vehicle to teach thinking skills such as problem solving and logical analysis. The course is suitable for teachers of pupils from age 8 upwards.  The training course has been held throughout Europe.

Who should attend: Teachers, teaching assistants, school chess tutors 

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of chess

Duration: Two days       Participants:  12-24 

Content: Didactical methods for chess in the classroom: SMART® playing method, questioning techniques, structured thinking, code of conduct, arranging tournaments, mini-games, social formats, problem solving, planning. 

Credentials The course draws upon decades of experience by European chess teaching pedagogues who have trained thousands of teachers across Europe. The approach has been validated by ECU Academic Advisory Board comprising leading international professors.

Trainers: Professional trainers have been licensed to run the course.

Course Test: Online multiple-choice test taken at the end of the course.

Certificate: Numbered Certificates endorsed by the European Chess Union

See our register of successful graduates.

World’s first Chess and Mathematics Training Course

There are several reasons for adopting chess and mathematics exercises. Many mathematics problems can be presented on the chessboard. This suits many children who feel comfortable working with chess themes. As with all game-based learning, games, even mathematical games are fun. The major advantage for teachers is that very little chess knowledge is required – actually you don’t have to know anything about chess except how the pieces move. Ultimately the purpose of the course is to provide attendees with instructive, classic, fun problems that children enjoy.

ECU Chess Teacher Training Course – London

ChessPlus held a training course in London for people who teach chess in schools on the middle weekend of October 2017. This was the first time this new course on chess didactics was run in the UK. The course was developed by the Education Commission of the European Chess Union …