Forthcoming Training Courses

Course ID Type Description
ECU101 Teaching Chess in Primary Schools Two day hands-on teacher training course on using chess in the classroom.
ECU102 Teaching Mathematics through Chess One day teacher training course on how to use chess for teaching mathematics.
ECU103 Teaching Chess for Early Years Two day teacher training course introducing chess for early years / kindergarten.
ECU104 School Chess Co-ordinator One day distance-learning training course for school chess co-ordinators.

ECU Education – Chess for inclusive education

First Rank is a fortnightly term-time newsletter for everyone interested in chess for education. In this issue, we will discuss how chess can be an excellent tool for inclusive education, you’ll find the calendar with ECU Education Courses, an anecdote and a tactical exercise. This is Ana Miller speaking. She …

ECU Education – What we try to do

in your language… Deutsch Español Italiano Français Nederlands Svenska First Rank is a fortnightly term-time newsletter for everyone interested in chess for education. In this issue, we present the ECU Education Commission. The European Chess Union represents 54 national chess federations. Its Education Commission strives to promote the use of chess in the classroom …

ECU Chess Teacher Training Course – London

ChessPlus held a training course in London for people who teach chess in schools on the middle weekend of October 2017. This was the first time this new course on chess didactics was run in the UK. The course was developed by the Education Commission of the European Chess Union …