Cambridge Seminar Presentations

Rita Atkins                    Accreditation for Teaching Strategy Games

Alessandro Dominici   Cognitive enhancement through psychomotor activity on a giant chessboard  (Castle website)

Alessandro Dominici   European Erasmus+ Funding Co-operation Request  (Annotated Regulations)

In-seong Hwang          Training Go Teachers

Barry Hymer                Mindsets

Barry Hymer                Learning to Learn

Barry Hymer                Strategy Games and Didactic Innovation

Tim & Sarah Kett        Business Models for Games Instruction

David Kotin                  Draughts and Mancala

Stefan Löffler               The Didactics of Chess

Toby Manning              Lobbying and Marketing Strategy Games for Schools

Mikkel Nørgaard         Danish Scholastic Chess Federation

José Olivares                After-School Game Activities

Giovanni Sala               Does Playing Chess Lead to Educational Benefits?

Gert Schnider              After-School Game Activities

Gert Schnider              Teaching Multiple Games

Jorge Nuno Silva         An Intellectual History of Games in Education

Paul Smith                    Cambridge Junior Chess and Go Club

Jinwoo Song                 The Comparative Suitability of Strategy Games for Education

Daniela Trinks             The Didactics of Go