ChessPlus is an international company which provides services to the global educational games sector. These services include delivering courses for teacher training and professional development through live webinars and distance learning. We operate as a co-operative network with franchise operations in several countries. We liaise closely with the European Chess Union, which exclusively certifies several of our courses for chess in schools, and FIDE, the World Chess Federation. We provide strategic advice and organise seminars for clients including national chess federations, chess in schools organisations. We have run the annual London Chess Conference since 2012.

We provide a new approach, the SMART Method, to applying strategy games in the classroom. We give precedence to educational goals and methods. Building upon feedback from thousands of learners, games are reduced down into their basic elements.

We provide teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills, tools and materials, to introduce these games in a variety of interesting and exciting ways and thus promote mathematical, logical and creative skills. Children who play strategy games such as chess benefit from improved concentration levels and a more confident approach to problem-solving.