What We Do


Strategy games such as chess, go, draughts, backgammon and bridge have traditionally been associated with higher thinking skills. Children who play these games benefit from improved concentration levels and problem solving. The problem for many teachers and parents is that they do not possess the game knowledge or confidence to be able to teach their children.

ChessPlus is an educational consultancy which provides a new approach to applying strategy games in the classroom. We give precedence to educational goals and methods rather than mastering the game itself. Building upon feedback from thousands of learners, games are reduced down into their basic elements. We provide teachers and parents with tools and materials to introduce these games in a variety of interesting and exciting ways and thus promote mathematical, logical and creative skills, and ultimately metacognition.

Didactic exercises

Chessboard exercises straddle the domains between chess, mathematics, geometry and computer science.  For example, a closed tour is when a piece starts from a particular square and has to visit all the other squares on the board returning whence it came.  The knight and rook tours are particularly productive of mathematical ideas.

Knight’s Tour

Rook’s Tour