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A look at the rare, beautiful board games of the Georgian and Victorian eras

School students in Europe age 16+, would you like to spend six weeks this summer in Oxford @OxUniMaths @wadhamoxford thinking about challenging mathematics with us @PROMYS_Europe? Financial aid available for those who need it. Applications now open!

Improve your #chess by improving your #visualization.
Where are the 3 KINGS? #2:

Our new puzzle series in only available on Twitter and Facebook.
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Blonde to Arbiter - sexist "joke" on Chess Arbiters Association website. How can anybody find these remotely amusing? @ecfchess

@ReykjavikOpen I believe that this is the only published photo series of Bobby playing and working out various initial rules of Fischer Random with me. We spent a lot of time finalizing all the rules, including castling, and played countless games. @EuropeEchecs @chessdom @FIDE_chess


The Tata Steel Chess Tournament,one of the most prestigious events in the international chess calendar,starts tomorrow, while the 1st round starts on Saturday! @tatasteelchess The event called “Wimbledon of Chess” celebrates this year its 80th anniversary.


FIDE Laws of Chess taking effect from 1 January 2018.
Illegal positions may be permitted if the opponent fails to spot them!

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