The fifth London Chess Conference

The fifth London Chess Conference brought together 80 people from 23 countries at the Hilton London Olympia on 2-3rd December 2017. The theme of the conference was Scholastic Chess. Twenty presentations are available for download in PDF. The talks were of high quality with new ideas for teaching chess. Video …

ECU Chess Teacher Training Course – London

ChessPlus held a training course in London for people who teach chess in schools on the middle weekend of October 2017. This was the first time this new course on chess didactics was run in the UK. The course was developed by the Education Commission of the European Chess Union …

The best teachers of chess are teachers

For the majority of children, classroom chess led by a teacher is the recommended method of instruction in schools. If resources permit, then chess as an optional extra-curricular activity would satisfy the need of those children who want to take chess to a higher level.

Brief Overview of the Seminar by Daniela Trinks

About 40 teachers from 15 countries gathered for the ‘Seminar on Didactics of Strategic Games’ at Cambridge University, sharing their expertise on teaching Go, chess and other games at schools. A variety of relevant topics were covered such as learning psychology, teaching methods & materials, business models of educational programs, …

The Rookie

This book records a slice of life that will form part of the historical record – what playing competitive chess is really like.